CAFMET 2024 – 22/24 avril 2024 – Marrakech
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CAFMET 2024 – 22/24 avril 2024 – Marrakech

CAFMET 2024 – 22/24 avril 2024 – Marrakech

The CAFMET organise la 9ème Conférence Internationale de Métrologie en Afrique, qui se déroulera du April 22 to 24, 2024 in Marrakech (Morocco). This unique event is a crossroads for exchanging and sharing information, ideas and experience through conferences, technical workshops, round tables and exhibition stands. CAFMET 2024 is a multi-disciplinary event covering all sectors of activity: health, the environment, agri-food, construction, pharmaceuticals, energy, transport, etc. CAFMET 2024 will focus on measurement, metrology, quality, data, safety, reliability, maintenance and the industry of the future.


  • Measurement in the field of energy
  • Health measurement
  • Measurement in the food industry
  • Environmental measurement
  • Measurement in buildings
  • Transport measurement
  • Quality and metrology in laboratories
  • Quality and measurement in industry
  • Legal metrology and regulations
  • Metrology fundamentals
  • Accreditation, certification and norms
  • Competence and quality management
  • Reliability, safety and maintenance
  • Statistics, validation and uncertainty

Call for Abstracts

If you are interested in presenting a lecture at the CAFMET 2024 event, you can write an abstract and send it to us. Once we have received it, the CAFMET scientific committee will analyse your abstract and decide whether or not to allow you to continue with the process. If your abstract is accepted, you will then be able to write an article, with the aim of having it published in a scientific journal. And you will be able to take part in the conference by presenting your work to the various participants.

You can send us your article via this link: Call for abstracts - CAFMET 2024

Importants dates

  • Proposed abstract: 26 janvier 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 09 février 2024
  • Full article submission: 08 mars 2024
  • Final programme: March 30th, 2024


You can register now by clicking here: Registration - CAFMET 2024

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