The 9th International Metrology Conference will be held from April 22 to 24, 2024 in Marrakech (Morocco)! 

The program for this event includes: conferences, technical workshops, as well as round tables. A lot of topics will be covered during these activities:

  • Measurement in the field of energy
  • Measurement in the health, food and environmental sectors
  • Quality and metrology in laboratories 
  • Quality and measurement in industry
  • Legal metrology and regulations 
  • Metrology fundamentals 
  • … 

By attending CAFMET 2024 you are giving yourself the opportunity to take part in a crossroads for the exchange of information, ideas and experience. 

You can now register for CAFMET 2024, and we hope to see many of you there!



The international exhibition FORUMESURE 2024 on Measurement and Instrumentation, will be held in parallel with CAFMET 2024 in Marrakech (Morocco) from April 22 to 24, 2024.

This open-access exhibition, will feature a variety of exhibitors. These may include manufacturers, suppliers of measurement equipment, software manufacturers, certifiers, experts, etc.

As a visitor, you'll be able to talk to professionals, observe their work, their products and their innovations, as well as attend demonstrations, workshops, conferences and more.

Don't hesitate to visit the FORUMESURE 2024 international exhibition!

RFQM 2025


The French-speaking meetings on Quality and Metrology (RFQM) will take place in Gabon in 2025! 

This event, linked to quality and metrology, concerns all sectors of activity. It represents a great opportunity for all those interested in the organizational performance of a laboratory or company, and the impact of the level of reliability of the data measured or used for the validation of a method, process, product or system. 

The program for the French-speaking Meeting on Quality and Measurement includes conferences, technical workshops, round tables, where you can meet and exchange ideas with qualified experts and enhance your skills.

MQDS 2025


The MQDS congress on Measurement, Quality and Data Science will be held in London in 2025!

Organized by Brunel University London, CAFMET, which launched the MQDS congress in 2023, will be a partner for 2025. 

MQDS is an English-language event, bringing together participants from many different countries to discuss Measurement, Quality and Data Science. These areas are discussed at conferences, round tables and technical workshops.

All these activities will enable you to deepen your knowledge thanks to the various exchanges you can have during this congress!


CAFMET is an international non-profit, independent and impartial body. Since 2005, it has contributed to the good development of Metrology and Quality, particularly in Africa.

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