Membership in CAFMET is a sign of your commitment and support for the missions of CAFMET and to the development of metrology and quality culture, particularly on the African continent. Membership of CAFMET will enable you to benefit from the international network of CAFMET represented in many countries.

Every year, CAFMETorganizes events around metrology, measurement, quality and data. This year, CAFMET is organizing the international congress MQDS 2023, which aims to clearly demonstrate the need to foster interdisciplinary exchanges related to the fields of measurement and quality

If you are interested in the activities of the association, we suggest you become a member. Consult now the rates for the year 2023. 

Fill out the form below and proceed to the payment of your membership.Thank you very much!

RATES 2023

Applicable rates in 2023 Membership as INDIVIDUAL MEMBER Membership as INDUSTRIAL or INSTITUTIONAL CATEGORY 1 Membership as INDUSTRIAL or INSTITUTIONAL CATEGORY 2 ACTVE PARTNER MEMBER* on one event (industrial or institutional) OBSERVER MEMBER (industrial or institutional) DONOR
Representative to the CAFMET General Assembly 1 voice 1 voice (1person designated by your organization) 1 voice (1person designated by your organization)
Join the CAFMET network connection according needs
Discount on the registration to CAFMET events -20% for the member -20% for 2 people from your organization -20% for 2 people from your organization -20% for 2 people from your organization Depending on the total amount of donations, the CAFMET undertakes to partially fund the registration fees of a graduate training in Quality and Metrology for African students (with few resources and high potential***) in a public institution located in Africa.
Discount on the booth rental during CAFMET event -10% -15% -10%
Your logo on CAFMET website with a link to your own organization website On the page "Partners" On the pages "Partners" and "Home" On the page "Partners"
A presentation of your organization in the program of the CAFMET annual event Citation with logo Half page of your organization presentation with logo, website and description Citation with logo Citation with logo
Publish one or two of your news on our LinkedIn network
Price without VAT** 60€ 400€ 800€ Free for the year of the event Free for the first year Amount > 1000€

*The active partner member is an industrial or institutional involved in the organization of the CAFMET event, by providing, for example, rooms and/or employees of its organizatio, by broadcasting the event.

**The subscription amount is payable annually and is fixed by the association rules, the membership during the yearimply the payment of the entirely annual subscription (article 5 of CAFMET status). The subscription amount is fixed yearly at the general assembly.

***The applications will be studied and a selection of the students will be made


If you want to become active partner member or observer memberIf you are interested in becoming a member, please fill in the membership form. Contact us at : contact(at)


CAFMET is an international non-profit, independent and impartial body. Since 2005, it has contributed to the good development of Metrology and Quality, particularly in Africa.

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