Initiation à la métrologie : mise en place, suivi et amélioration des processus de mesure 

DUREE : 2 JOURS (14 heures)


Normative context related to metrology 


Concepts and definitions of metrology


Rôle du responsable métrologie


Analysis and representation of a monitoring and
measurement process


Notions of error and uncertainty


Calibration and verification (concrets examples)


Implementation of the metrology function


Evaluation and continous improvement

Evaluation methods

QCM are offered to evaluate the acquisition of your skills


No prerequisites required


1 420€ HT * **


* A 15% discount is given to CAFMET members
** For distance learning, a 10% discount is applied

Teaching aids

Pratical exercices
Échanges, discussions
Video supports 
File given to each participant



Understand the concepts of metrology
Know the methodology for setting up monitoring
and measurement processes
Participate in the structuring and improvement of the metrology
function in your organization

   Target audience

Quality and technical managers
Responsables production


Auditors and other quality specialists


Any interested public



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