The French-speaking Meetings on Quality and Measurement constitute a crossroads for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences around Management and Qualimetry. They concern all sectors of activity. It is an essential event for all those interested in the organizational performance of a laboratory or a company, and the impact of the level of reliability of the data measured or used for the validation of a method, a process, a product or a system. Translated with (free version)

À propos des RFQM


Whether you are a researcher, an engineer, a manager, a technician, a president or a director, the Rencontres Francophones sur la Qualité et la Mesure (French-speaking meetings on quality and measurement) offer you the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of many specialists in management and quality measurement in all sectors.


Dozens of thematic conferences are selected by the RFQM Scientific Committee.


In small groups (maximum 20 participants), management and technical workshops are led by internationally recognized experts.


CAFMET is an international non-profit, independent and impartial body. Since 2005, it has contributed to the good development of Metrology and Quality, particularly in Africa.

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