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Call for Papers - Third International Metrology Conference - Egypt, April 19-23, 2010

The third international conference on metrology CAFMET2010, organized by The African Committee of Metrology and NIS (National Institute of Standards of Egypt), will be a forum for industrials and scientists to share information, ideas and experiences. The conferences, material exhibitions and technical visits to firms have common objectives :

- promote communication between manufacturers, governmental agencies, universities, institutes of higher education and laboratories dedicated to research and development in the field of metrology;

- present the evolution of metrology and its involvment  industry, quality, environment, safety, health and research.


You have the opportunity to present your research results, your experience and your products in connection with the following topics :

 -          Statistical Process Control and Optimization,

-          Applied Statistics for Measurement,

-          Reliability and Products Conformity,

-          Methods validation, Interlaboratory Comparisons,

-          Measurement Uncertainties,

-          Metrology in Health, Food safety and Environment,

-          Fields of Scientific and Industrial activities (temperature, volume, mass…),

-          Regional Metrology Organizations,

-          Accreditation/Certification,

-          Standards and Quality ,

-          Legal Metrology,...

Your papers can be proposed either in English or  French. The selection is done by a scientific and technical committee of professors and professionals.

Exhibition stands will be available to you for the presentation of your services and products.

Please find futher information (registration, venue, deadlines,...) in the following linked document : CALL FOR PAPERS.

CAFMET Secretariat 

cafmet@ac-metrology.com - http://www.cafmet.com


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